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In each of the Virtual Wellness Series sessions, now available for 24/7 on-demand access, if you give us just an hour, we'll enhance your wellness!


Center for Growing Talent (CGT) cares about helping you find a healthy balance in your life -- and we brought inspiring experts and actionable information to each of the 3 great sessions to help you achieve it!

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February 23: Let's Get Moving

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March 30: Healthy, Delicious Eating

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April 27: Everyday Mindfulness

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SAVE! Just $60 for all three sessions ($25/session if you register for them individually) - saves you money while helping you find that healthy balance in your life.
You are worth every minute and every penny! Each session is available as an on-demand video - and provides the same rich learning experience as the original live broadcasts. 
  • Let’s Get Moving originally broadcast on February 23
  • Healthy, Delicious Eating originally broadcast on March 30
  • Everyday Mindfulness originally broadcast on April 27

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