The EU Green Deal Series - Session 3: Business & Commercial Impacts of the EU Green Deal (South Africa & Europe)

Understanding and Working Within the EU Green Deal

With the successful implementation of the EU Green Deal, Europe will be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. With bold plans to cut emissions by over 55% by 2030, the produce industry supplying Europe will have to understand and work within these policies and regulations to remain compliant and profitable.

In this series, EU Green Deal experts will help PMA members understand our industry's impact now and in the future, as similar initiatives are implemented in the US and other countries.

Session 3: The EU Green Deal Impacts on Business & Commercial Ventures

Focus: In the third session, Stephanie Wunder, Coordinator Food Systems, Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany, will share insights into the following aspects of the EU Green Deal:

- Strategies driving the EU Green Deal
- Policy expectations
- Consumer movements
- How to de-risk your business endeavors


EU Green Deal Series Session 3: Commercial & Business Impacts of the EU Green Deal
Open to view video.
Open to view video. In this session, learn about the EU Green Deal's impact on business and how to de-risk your business endeavors.

Stephanie Wunder

Coordinator Food Systems, Ecologic Institute

Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany

Stephanie Wunder works as a Senior Fellow and Coordinator for Food Systems & Coordinator Land Use Policy. She has been working for Ecologic Institute Berlin since 2003. Her work focuses on the transformation to sustainable food systems and sustainable land use practices. Since March 2021, she is part of the expert group set up by the EU Commission to advise on the legislative framework of the EU Farm-to-Fork Strategy.

Anouk Sijmonsma

Global Regional VP Asia/Africa/Europe/Australia/New Zealand


Lianne Jones

Country Manager, PMA South Africa